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Hi Folks, A Warm Welcome To Devon!

A Warm Welcome To Devon (Next year) – Covid-19 related lyrics to music ‘borrowed with pride’ from the musical play SAFE HAVEN, written for the Dartmouth Mayflower400 commemorations, currently on-hold.

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Seymour Studio in Dartmouth, Devon UK is the home of ‘Sandquay’ (pronounced ‘Sankey’); co-writer of the WW2 Musical ATLANTIC WALL, about the French resistance’s spying on the German defences built along the Normandy coast, in preparation for D-Day.

80 years ago General Charles De Gaulle made his famous speech to rally the people of France. ‘France has lost a battle, but she has not lost the war’. Recreated in the opening song of ‘ATLANTIC WALL’: ‘Liberty’ click link

Seymour Studio is where the magic of creating music tracks from notation and some of the bespoke vocal learning tracks for the A CapellaDartmouth Rock choir happens! This is how we look and sound.

The COVID-19 Anthem So Many Heroes Challenge:

So Many Heroes

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If you’re a singer, musician or arranger and have access to a recording studio – big, or tiny like this one – and reckon that you can improve on our recording of ‘So Many Heroes’ (it can’t be that difficult!), then why not enter the competition? The aim is to raise money to fund the defeat the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects world-wide, by putting the best of the entries up for a public vote to find the very best. See menu tab COVID-19 Anthem ‘So Many Heroes’ Challenge for details.

Dartmouth Mayflower400 and SAFE HAVEN

‘SAFE HAVEN’ is a musical play co-written by Dartmouth residents Keith Myerson and Derek Parsons especially to commemorate Dartmouth’s significant part in the voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower and Speedwell to America in 1620. The Speedwell didn’t make it, despite repairs here, and was forced to turn back to Plymouth. To find out what happened, you need to see the show, but when we’ll be able to put it on we don’t know!

AND…this year, it’s where we are hosting downloadable rehearsal tracks for ‘SAFE HAVEN‘ for the production team! (Password needed – sorry, authorised folk only.)

Use this site’s MENU or click here for a description of SAFE HAVEN and music teasers, and click highlighted Song notes and narrative or Downloads for these items for which you’ll need the password.

SAFE HAVEN is the second musical Derek has co-written. His first was ATLANTIC WALL’ , another historic piece, about the little known heroic efforts of the French Resistance to inform the planning of the D-Day invasion in WW2. The tune to the song ‘Storm In The West’ was ‘borrowed with pride’ with new lyrics for ‘SAFE HAVEN’. Check the original out here.

As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE day the song ‘So Many Heroes’, which uses the tune of ‘My Hero’ from ATLANTIC WALL’ is somehow doubly poignant.

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