SAFE HAVEN is a Musical Play to commemorate Dartmouth’s role in the Mayflower voyage in 1620 by Keith Myerson and Derek Parsons. Commissioned by Marilyn Bird on behalf of Dartmouth Mayflower400.

The show is informed by contemporary works of William Bradford ‘Of Plymouth Plantation‘ (rendered into modern English by Harold Paget) and Robert Cushman (Aka Coachman) ‘The Cry Of A Stone‘, and the book ‘Mayflower‘ by the historian Nathaniel Philbrick.

SAFE HAVEN is a series of playlets with songs to illustrate the Mayflower story, designed to be entertaining and informative.

DEMO Tracks have been produced at SEYMOUR STUDIO DEVON along with BACKING and LEARNING Tracks for the theatre company to rehearse and practice with. See PASSWORD PROTECTED DOWNLOADS from the MENU above. Access to these tracks is password protected.

Here’s a Teaser with seven of the eleven tunes…enjoy!

And another Teaser with clips of all eleven tunes for completeness.

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